About Me

I'm Gillian, a Registered Nurse living in NE Ohio with my husband Andrew.

We got married in September of 2013, and we've been having a blast ever since. We are each other's biggest fans, cheerleaders and competitors {can you tell we like sports?!} We attend church regularly and strive to live out our faith in Jesus Christ daily. As far as hobbies go...we enjoy kayaking, fishing, biking, camping, cooking, antiquing, & tackling projects around the house.

It's fair to say that this blog is a "DIY diary" of sorts where I'll be chronicling the projects we're doing at our house, Old Elm, plus the smaller crafts I do in between. We are by no means experts! Some of our projects are easy, some are more difficult. Some we do together, some we do separately. Most of what we do turns out great, but we've had our share of failures along the way.

So enjoy your glimpse into our world - maybe you will find some inspiration here to put a personal stamp on your own home.

Thanks for stopping by!

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