Friday, August 1, 2014

Seashell Crafting

This summer we went on a family vacation to Holden Beach, NC. The last time we were all able to go as a family was 9 years ago, so I was anxious to get back. We had a great time and collected tons of good shells. My mom and I got together to craft with some of them {we have bags and bags...not kidding when I said a ton!} We made shell garlands and decorated picture frames. I think everything turned out great, and it was fun to reminisce and chat while we worked.

The shell garland is absolutely a $0 Project. Just grab some fishing line and start stringing shells! Keep a loop at the top, or even both ends, for easy hanging. My mom has always loved making these, so we are in the habit of specifically hunting for shells with holes.

For the picture frames... we picked our favorite shells, tiny delicate ones, pieces of coral, drift wood & pretty bits of broken shells. We arranged them in the corners of our frames and secured them in place with my hot glue gun. Now we'll be able to see them on a daily basis and it will remind us of what a fun trip we had. I just need to get around to printing a picture to place inside of mine! 

Thanks for checking in! Keep creating DIYers!

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