Sunday, March 15, 2015

Switching It Up

Happy Sunday, readers! This morning we tried out a new church and had a really nice time. Now we're home and back at DIYing! Andrew's dad came over to help him work on the Pergo. It's coming along so great! They work well together & I've been staying out of the way. I have some priming left to do in the half bathroom {but I don't want to kill them with fumes}. The paint I got is definitely not low-VOC. Whoops.

So what did I do?

I walked around our house and made a list of the types of electrical outlets & switch plates in each room. Yep. I realize this sounds incredibly lame - but hear me out!

Outlets are often an overlooked detail along the reno process.
In my opinion, if you spend time & money re-doing a space, you shouldn't forget to update your switch plates. Ours are sort of a creamy almond color, and they are looking pretty dingy. Some are even cracked, so it's time to replace them….no rush. Just room-by-room, over time. I made a list in Notes on my iPhone & organized it by room. Now the next time we're out an about and see some we like, we can knock one out!

How do you guys keep yourselves organized during a renovation? 
Andrew is usually our details man & I have a better idea of "the big picture." Feel free to share your tips with us!

Keep creating, DIYers!

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