Thursday, April 3, 2014

Paint Chip Art

Hey! Thanks for joining me here. This is my first post for a new series:

Sometimes I really have the urge to make something, but maybe I can't get to the store or I'm trying to be good & save cash. Enter $0 Projects! If you put your mind to it & get thrifty, you can make some pretty cool stuff using things you already have.


Known fact: hardware store paint chip samples are free in all 50 states of the U-S-A. What does that mean for you? It means get to the hardware store & start grabbing good colors, because we're about to make some art!

WARNING! When walking out of the store, you may feel like you just stole something. But you didn't! The creative part will soon be underway - getting home and cutting {or paper punching} your chips, then arranging them on paper or canvas.

I got this Fiskars paper punch a week or so ago, because I saw it and thought of my sister. She and her husband live on a small farm that is just minutes from my own home. I knew I could make something fun for her with this chicken punch. Don't have a punch? No worries. In the past I have done other projects with paint chips using scissors, pictured at the end of this post*

After you have picked your {free} paint chips out & you're back home, set yourself up at a table and get to punching/cutting. You should probably turn on music or a tv at this point because punching is not that thrilling. I punched 13 chickens of each color. Then I grabbed a 11x14in canvas and began arranging my chickens. When I liked the way things looked I glued them down with an Elmer's Glue Stick. I covered them with a layer of Liquitex matte varnish to prevent them from popping off of the canvas.

Give this a shot! Even if you are someone who doesn't feel super artsy & creative. It's easy to do, and won't cost you a dime. Score! Be sure to click on the $0 Project label on the right hand side of my blog for more costless craft ideas!

*Here are two other paint chip projects I've done:

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