Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Floating Shelves

Hi everyone! This past Friday, after flipping through the {many} projects in my mental rolodex...Andrew & I picked one out to do together: Floating Shelves in the bathroom. Our inspiration came from here and here. Totally do-able over a weekend. We measured & planned Friday night {while tuning in to March Madness games...I actually care this year because I made a bracket!} On Saturday after breakfast, we got to work.


  • We drew up a schematic and Andrew calculated how much common wood we would need to buy & what would need ripped
  • We cut everything to size with our Craftsman miter saw - it rocks
  • The visible parts of the shelving were stained with Rustoleum, then a layer of Varathane polyurethane
  • After the inner support beams were cut to size, we fixed them to the inner frame with wood glue
  • When they were dry -approx 30 minutes- we screwed them into the studs {BONUS!} they were level!
  • When the stain & poly on the outer shelving was dry, we glued the top & bottom pieces to the frame with wood glue and clamped them in place to cure 
  • Lastly, we glued the front facade on to the existing frame to cover up the inside {we used the air nailer on the sides for added support}
  • Final touch? DECORATING!


This project wasn't too difficult, and it made a big impact in an otherwise boring spot. I'm seriously a glutton for punishment, because success like this only makes me hungry for more! My mental rolodex is dangerous. I'm sure Andrew hates really respects it.

It goes a little something like... repaint the fireplace, build a custom closet for Andrew, re-do the deck, paint the picnic table, refinish antique dresser for our bedroom, make a "mudroom" by the garage door, brick the front stoop, establish raised garden beds, make a breakfast nook in the kitchen, paint the banister

What parts of your home could use a little sprucing up?

Keep creating DIYers!


  1. Wow, your shelves look great!!! I'm so glad you found it to be fairly simple! They make such a huge difference :) Thanks for linking back to my blog!

    1. Thanks! Your post was super helpful & I'm loving catching up on the projects you've blogged!

  2. Beautiful :) I love the ampersand!

    1. That ampersand was a decoration at one of my wedding showers, and I have been saving it because I knew it would eventually come in handy again. Turns out these shelves are a perfect spot for it!