Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Traveling Garden

Today I made a tiny traveling garden.

I've been really anxious to plant, but we're waiting until the end of the month to do anything major {such as plant our veggie garden}. In the meantime, I thought this would be fun to try. I saved empty toilet paper rolls for my project & bought seed packets at Home Depot - sweet basil, cilantro, lavender & canterbury bells. The last two are mostly to be pretty/add some color.

I cut each roll in half, then bent the flaps in to make a cup. It may take a week {or two or three} for them to start... that is if they even start at all…I've never done this before so it could lead to failure. Worth a shot though! To keep track of which seeds are in what cup, I labeled them. Next I added the soil and seeds. At this point in time, I decided I needed to put all of the cups in the same container so they could travel around as a unit. I checked our recycling and picked an empty egg carton to do the job. To finish up, I watered the cups & set them in the sun. Hopefully they will sprout, eventually!

Thanks for reading! Time will tell if this is a success or failure...

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