Saturday, January 17, 2015

How Far We've Come

Well, the painting is over for a while. And the microwave is installed. With so much more to do, sometimes I forget how far we've come. I've tried to take pictures along the way to help jog my memory. Speaking of photos - I'm totally amateur. I envy other blogs with super crisp, flawless images. {You will not find such things here.} Okay, on to the mediocre photos.

The new shelf sits on L-brackets that are bolted to the adjacent cabinets. The microwave is attached to the shelf with screws. The microwave is also supported from behind by a steel brace that's been screwed into the studs. Andrew did a great job on converting the outlet, fitting the shelf & drilling holes for the electric. The cord for the microwave comes up through a hole in the shelf and plugs into the new outlet.

Here is what the outlet situation looks like:

The island is finally put back together, too. Remember, the flooring and counters still need addressed. Currently I'm just happy that all the crap on the counter in the lefthand picture is no longer in existence. {That stash makes us look like contenders for a hoarder show. Geeze} It's been replaced by our collection of cookbooks.

Let's see…what else? Oh yeah, this light! Here's a shot of our light above the sink:

That about sums things up for now. Today while I was at work, Andrew got subway tile samples at Lowe's. I was worried about the whites not looking right together. White is just about the dumbest paint color family because there are 1,958,711,245,987,902 versions. Matching can become very overwhelming. Or not even matching…just trying to make sure things don't clash. As luck would have it, the samples look great & Andrew is happy because they get good reviews online. High-fives all around.

Thanks for stopping by Old Elm today, you were lovely virtual house guests.

PS: While the paint was out, I kept having these 'why the heck not!' thoughts. 
As a result, here is a mini-transformation of my antique library table:


  1. You guys have done an amazing job in your kitchen! I look forward to seeing the future updates!

  2. Looks fantastic Gillian & Andrew…so fun seeing the finished cabinets with the new appliances. I LOVE the light fixture!!!