Thursday, January 15, 2015

OE joins Facebook

Well, the blog has finally joined the Facebook world. Here's our link: CLICK ME

Is Facebook old technology? I bet plenty of high school and middle schoolers would tell me yes. I use it to connect with family & friends who are spread out over the country, so I'm still on there. Because the family and friends are still scattered. It's the easiest way for me to reach the people. There have been times where I've contemplated deleting my personal account. But I like to periodically update this blog and know a handful of people who access my posts through Facebook…so here we are.

This month we've continued to work on the kitchen renovation. I didn't do anything in there for a two week stretch while I had the flu {which was not a good time} but now I'm back to it! Painting cabinet doors while listening to podcasts is my new part-time job. And I love it.

We were able to put the shelf in above the stove and install a new pendant light above the sink. It has a vintage Edison bulb that I adore turning on in the evening. I look forward to posting a photo of the finished cabinets soon {complete with the microwave in it's new hanging home.}

Thanks for checking in, and keep creating!

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