Sunday, March 16, 2014

Custom Canvas Birth Announcement

Hello! This type of project is one of my favorites and it gives me great {hand lettering} practice. My paintings have virtually endless possibilities - just tell me what you the canvas to say, and I can paint it! Most recently, Andrew's cousin approached me to paint a birth announcement for her son. She showed me a picture of something similar online, and I got to work.

Before creating, I need to know:
  • canvas size
  • color scheme
  • text/quote 

From that point on, I refer to any picture(s) I have been given for reference and add whatever creative touches I see fit. Because these are made by hand, I can't offer a "proof" if I am making a painting for someone else {I usually just make these for myself, friends & family}.

I begin by pencil sketching the lettering. This part covers my work surface in eraser shavings until I get everything just right. When I am satisfied, I move on to painting. My medium of choice is acrylic paint. It's very flexible, forgiving of mistakes, and dries to a semi-firm plastic. It's also a thicker consistency that doesn't run or bleed, and colors can be blended easily.

Painting is the most time-consuming portion of the process, and I use many different sized brushes to achieve a clean look. To preserve the canvas for years to come, I always seal my work with Liquitex matte or glaze varnish.

Here are some photos of the the process:

Due to the fact that I work full-time, I'm unable devote my entire schedule to this sort of thing {Maybe someday…} I typically work on painting in the evenings/on weekends. I find it especially relaxing & therapeutic to paint after a long day at the office, and while enjoying a cup of tea! Talk to me if you want to learn more!
Keep creating, DIYers!


  1. You are so stinking talented! Seriously, this is phenomenal!

    1. Thanks so much! Time consuming, but I'm always proud of the results!