Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wall Mount Monogram

I have an obsession with monogramming things, which my husband doesn't understand. HOWEVER! I saw this terrific idea on Pinterest, and decided to take my own spin on it. Bonus! It earned the lucrative husband seal of approval.

This hunk of wood was laying around my house {from damaged merchandise my sister couldn't sell in her shop} so instead of using a ceiling medallion or picture frame as the idea from Pinterest suggests, I decided to use this. The wooden rectangle & the letter F are from the craft store. The burlap I had, but you can pick that up anywhere these days because it's trendy. My project was completed as follows:

I covered the wooden rectangle in burlap & secured it with staples.
{Just a regular office stapler, because I'm fancy}

Next, I fixed it to the frame with Gorilla Glue and set it aside to dry 
{with a heavy box on top because the glue expands as it dries}

Meanwhile, Andrew trimmed wood off the bottom of the F that we felt 
was sticking out too far, and because it was in rough shape I re-painted it white with acrylic. 

After everything had dried, I used Gorilla Super Glue to place the monogram on the burlap.  
My frame already had hanging hardware on the back, so it was a snap to put on the wall. 
{Buying a picture hanging kit that includes frame mounts would work, too}

We hung our monogram along the stairs leading up to the second floor of Old Elm.

Mixing textures, utilizing old + new items, and putting your personal touch on a project makes a unique, cozy statement piece for the home.  If you've ever done a similar project, or have any questions about mine, don't hesitate to ask and we can collaborate!

Keep creating, DIYers! 

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