Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Faux Mudroom How-To

Today was a really productive day! Using the beadboard we had leftover from refacing the sides of our kitchen cabinets, we created a "mudroom" across from our garage entry door. The space isn't big enough for a full on mudroom {i.e. no bench for extra storage} but I came up with this idea and we achieved a similar look. We'll still use the space the same way, but now it flows into the kitchen & matches really nicely. Here's how it came to be:

First we removed the old coat rack, cut the bead board to fit the space and nailed it into place. 
This took a little extra work - Andrew used a Dremel with a sanding bit to get the fit just right.

Next we devised a three piece shelf, cut our wood to size, and nailed it into place. 
{We used pine from Lowe's} I wanted the shelf to be deep enough to withstand light-weight decorations.

Last, I primed/caulked/painted and reinstalled the hooks from the old rack. Ta-da! You can see the little transformation in the photos above. Notice the flooring {or lack thereof} in the righthand photo…We are so close to installing our new Pergo & can't wait to see how that unifies all of the rooms it flows throughout. Stay tuned!
Keep creating, DIYers!

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